Note to Self…the 12 rules

  1. Talk less; listen more (fun fact; people love talking about themselves and what they are passionate about a lot. If you are interested in someone, let them talk about themselves while listening and keeping eye contact. They unconsciously would always want to come back to that ‘listening ear’)
  2. Talk gently but eloquently as this indicates how confident you are and you tend to speak more correctly (trust me no one is rushing you).
  3. A smile is a charm. I’ve wielded it myself and you best believe I am not immune to the struck as well.
  4. Find the joy in reading and knowing new things.
  5. Try as much as you can to always be prepared especially for things you’ve been hoping for.
  6. Be punctual as this would indicate how respectful you are and the respect is most likely to be reciprocated.
  7. Be good at paying compliments as this creates a conducive atmosphere for conversations and a good chance of being paid one as well.
  8. Love yourself so much that you would do anything to make yourself the best you could be while not getting yourself into trouble AKA watch loads of ted X 😅 and do a lot of research.
  9. Be attentive to people around you. From little things like what food they dislike, their favourite places and to relatively more significant things like their birthdays. This automatically makes you as important to them.
  10. Show empathy.
  11. Confidence is attractive! Be attractive! It will take time but what is even more interesting is that process is as thrilling.
  12. This last one is pretty important. With the way people come in and out of your life, it is unwise to entrust anything intangible(feelings, trust, secrets, personal problems) with them. For it is uncertain when they’ll leave ELSE they’ve proven worthy of the above.

Images by Magdiel Lopez, Firmorama graphic design and unnamed from the internet.

Stranger, he was; Knight in​ shiny armour he turned.

Hey, guys, it’s been an awfully long time and I am sincerely apologetic. I also want to use this opportunity to thank those who checked up on my blog and I. You all are the realest.  This time I am back with another Anna series. This story is a special and Intense one because this is a true life story and it was in collaboration with my one and only sisi from another mum, Chinyere Ajih. Here it goes…
On the 22nd day of September 2016, I travelled to one of the cities in the Southeastern part of Nigeria to sit for an examination. It was my third time in the city. I finished quite early. I would say it was one of the easiest exams I’ve ever written. I left the exam venue and crossed over to the other side of the road where I saw a signboard with “Food is ready” boldly written on it. Typical Naija style. I decided to relax there for a while.
I got up to leave when my pen dropped. As I bent down to pick it up, the most unexpected happened. My trouser tore. Within me, I prayed that no one noticed. I quickly covered my visible red thong with my handbag while I thought of what next to do.
Fortunately for me, there was a seamstress right beside the ‘restaurant’. Being so thankful, I walked up to her and explained my predicament and thankful she was, she was of help.
Just as I was about to leave, she quickly said “madam your trouser material don weak oh. Take am easy”. I assured her that I would be careful. Deep down I already knew the trouser will find itself in the bin when I finally get home without anymore embarrassment.
I gently walked down to the bus stop nearest to the seamstress while praying and hoping my trouser doesn’t misbehave. I boarded the bus while for others board, I was still praying.
A passenger came and I had to adjust for her to sit. Right there and then, the devil showed himself.  My trouser tore again. This time it was really bad cause I could feel the rush of air ‘down there’. I sighed deeply and thought to myself what sort of temptation this was, whom I may have offended and of course what I would do.
I got down on the bus with my face all rumpled up, my heart racing fast and my palms sweaty. (My palms become sweaty when I’m anxious or nervous). I stood under a tree, not so far from the bus stop but so near that I could hear the chants of the bus drivers and conductors announcing their various destinations. Deep down in my heart, I was still praying and hoping that my future husband does not see me like this lol.
I noticed a car drove past me, then reversed to my direction.
A middle-aged man sat on the driver’s seat. I could barely tell what he looked like from where I stood. “Why is he staring at me? What does he want?  Could he be a kidnapper?” All these I thought.
He signalled me to come close. I shook my head and looked away.
“Young lady, what’s the matter with you? You look so worried, are you okay? Do you need help?” I turned to walk away when I heard a voice in my head saying “do not be afraid. All things work together for good to them that love God right?”
Without hesitating any further, I told the stranger who was still seated in his car all I had been through. “Wow come in let’s find somewhere you can get another pair”. At that point, I had no choice than to take the offer. In his car, the only thing that had a voice was his radio. It seemed like two dumb people were on a road trip. Then he finally broke the silence. “What’s your name, young lady?” He asked. “Anna sir and yours?” My name is Munachimso.
In less than five minutes he pulled up to a clothing store. We both went inside. Being 5’11, it was pretty easy finding my size at the store. I changed to my new pair of trousers. On coming out of the changing room, Mr Munachimso was nowhere to be found. He already paid for the trouser and even left extra money for me with the sales girl. I was marvelled. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Mr Munachimso did not drop his number. He was gone, without a single trace.
I left the store with so many thoughts in my head and a thankful heart also. Grateful to God for coming to my aid when I desperately needed him. God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?.
I learnt that apart from the daily prayers, thanksgiving and requests I seek from God, I’ve always prayed for a discerning spirit. I’ve always asked Him for wisdom. That day my discerning spirit came to work. I would have been stranded without any idea on what to do.
Mr Munachimso thank you so much. May your deepest heart desires be granted.
God bless you…

What he said to me

Hey guys, What’s up? Hope y’all are good? Have y’all heard what’s been happening around the world? We have to pray. Awe was just my habitual expression in the past few weeks.

Guess what guys? I am introducing something new. It would be a chapter based series where a Character would tell you all about her experience and lessons learned. Today, Anna would be telling us of her encounter with this man. *passes the pen to Anna*

Hey, my name is Anna and this is my story. I am a very ambitious person. I love going for what I want. So one of those slow days, I met this man at the complex’s cafeteria. He was quite advanced in age but seemed to have the ‘beginner’s avidity”. We started this very interesting conversation which led to me gabbing on how I want to be the greatest and make a massive difference in the banking industry. Shockingly, he cut me off with this question; “Why does your coffee cup not have a lid to avoid spillage?” In my head I thought, how was this more important than my beautiful song of ambition? He said to me that taking small responsibilities is a very crucial part of handling bigger things. He continued by saying, “The man that remembers to buy his busy boss a cup of coffee on his way back from coffee-break is more likely to be granted favours. Maybe that woman who remembers to pack the deck of files after conference meetings might be nominated as the HOD because she is perceived meticulous. And that girl that remembers to greet the tomato seller on his way to buy pepper is more likely to get a “familiarity” discount when she wants to get tomato”. Immediately he finished talking, I quickly went to get a lid. I learned a lesson.

God bless


​positivity in discontentment

Hey guys, it’s been so long. I know right? but I’m back. I’ll make conscious efforts to be as frequent with my posts. My life has just been pretty occupied and all, but I have finally made out time to say some vital words to you guys.

I just want to visit this topic briefly. This idea was conceived a long time ago and I’m glad It’s finally out there. Often at times if not every time, we view discontentment as though it only breeds negativity. To be honest, almost everything in life has its pros and cons. Needless to say, discontentment is not an exception and in fact, a cornerstone of the need to aim high. Believe it or not, that’s the truth. On the other hand, it can also hinder high attainment. It is of tremendous importance we pick sides.

It’s only natural to a certain extent to be discontented. Discontentment can either cause you to sit and wish you had this and that while criticizing those who put their a*ses on the line to have achieved. Or Oh! lest I forget, doing the most despicable things to ‘fit in’ rather than making you work hard in breaking boundaries to achieve your goals. This is not easy, as we naturally gravitate towards the negative facet and often deemed as the more ‘comfortable’ side but I tell you, mangled up as well. Trust when I say I too have gravitated towards the ‘comfortable’ side and it only left me worse. But thankfully, we can re-navigate and this all begins with self-commitment. Commit yourself to a course, to a purpose. Keep busy and let the zest propagating in you be that of being better and not one that will cause you to spite others or do illicit things in order to satisfy your appetite.


Keep practicing

Hey guys

How are you doing? I’m doing well here. Thank God for his mercies and blessing. I encourage all my viewers especially Nigerians, to please join in the Alleluiah challenge. Right now, there is fear and turbulence in our country. By uniting in Christ, we can overcome all as it is said in the Holy Bible; for when two or three are gathered in his name, he is always there.

Today, I just want to utter something of real importance. First of all, I am someone that likes talking to people about the principles of living and way to go if things go south. It gives me a whole new level of joy seeing people encouraged. I share my experiences whether good or bad and those of irreproachable luminaries who have been through that path to keep one motivated and high spirited. That is one of the major reasons if not the only reason why I started blogging.

The short detail above was just to give an insight of what I could call my strength. This is something that comes almost naturally. We all have things that we can almost certainly do with ease more than most people around us. That I may be permitted to call your talent. Talents are given for a reason. It is as if we owe it to the world to use it up to its fullest potential.

This is a call to developing your talent. Reading is one of the ways to improve on your strength. I, for instance, isn’t one to read tons of books but I force myself most of the time because I want to be better at what I find to be my strength. I do a lot of research including seeing clips of what I find educative in order not to run dry. Like I said earlier, your talent is your contribution to humanity. Now, what is your strength? What is it you do quite well even when you do not have your rabbit foot? Seek it, find it, develop it and explore it. Learn the ropes from a mentor in countless ways, whichever way suits you. Sometimes developing it might be a ton of work but what if you are needed to display it at some point that can mean a turning point in your life? but oh! you weren’t working on it so then you flounder? What next? back to looking for opportunities that you aren’t sure might be as juicy again? Be it designing, inventing, dancing, writing, fixing stuff…just keep making a headway at it and one day, you’d thank your stars you did. Be empowered. Be innovative. Be ready.

Yours Truly













Knowledge’s worth


Hey Lovelies,

Hope you all are good?  For me, I’ve been on Easter break for the past two weeks. I went to visit my aunt and sisters who are also on holiday. Happy Easter to everyone! Christ has risen with a flawless victory. Allelujah somebody!!! Please feel free to express yourself here ‘cause we are here to learn from each other.

One day, as I was discussing with a stranger, I said something and then he asked, “How much would you sell that knowledge?”, that was when I began to understand the worth of knowledge and that leads us to our today’s scrutiny, Knowledge.

Knowledge is the mother of all things in existence and hoped for. Knowledge births anything and everything; from wealth to beauty, to affluence, to fashion, to technology and even nature itself. The power it holds cannot fully be comprehended and overemphasized. Seek knowledge everywhere and anywhere for as the saying goes, “No knowledge is a waste”. As they say, the greatest knowledge is hidden in books. Another thing is learning to ask questions. Knowledge is the key that unlocks all doors. One secret that I’ve discovered is that the knowledge you carry causes people to look beyond your flaws. It makes you almost irreplaceable at that point in time and of course, it makes you stand out. Most ‘genuine’ influential people today and in times past got to where they are/were because of the very high level of esteem they held knowledge in. People like Isaac Newton got to where he was because of his thirst for knowledge of modern mathematics, talk about Michelangelo Buonarroti who yearned for knowledge in art like no other. Now let me come back to today. The current CEO of IBM(International Business Machine), Ginni Rometty,  who was only but a regular staff when she came into the company in 1981, got to that position today, because of her fervent desire to learn about the future of computers and that gave her all the benefits of knowledge listed above because apparently, no one was well suited for the position except her. PS: this is to say the knowledge you carry makes you immune to stereotyping or segregation based on gender, race, religion, and so on.

Knowlege .jpeg

This picture was taken by me on the train on our way to Peckham. This picture was part of the reasons why this post came to life. It shows a group of women trying gain knowledge regardless of how noisy and uncomfortable their environment was.


Editor in chief 😜


#️⃣views from London Blackfriars

It’s enough already!!

Hey viewer, what’s good? what’s popping like popsicles?(Sophie’s favorite line and Matilda always answers with something more ridiculous). Well, I’m not so happy cause today is my cousin’s traditional marriage and I’m not there for him.

Yes!! I said’ it’s enough already!’ cause of the kind of things we worry about. I mean don’t get me wrong, I use to be the chairman of ‘Worry international limited’ but I am beginning to see things differently now. So one day, my friend and I were traveling and she kept on complaining of how this particular dish she made wasn’t to her taste meanwhile the other dishes she prepared were all to her taste except that one. For her to stop, I had to tell her of a girl on social media asking for a huge sum of an amount of money to amputate her hand cause she had a vein and artery malfunction.

From the story of the girl above, none of the situations at hand were pleasant. Neither the process of begging for money(in this recession) nor knowing that even if she gets the money, she’d be losing not repairing the hand.

We just keep complaining about things that are not worth the time and stress we allocate them. Yes! we’ve made a mistake, yes! we’ve been disappointed, Okay Oh!! move on and stop dwelling on the past and focus on the future cause no one will make it better except you.

God bless



Bus rides…Phew!!!



When I went to visit my parents in London during their stay there.



A picture of my lunch today; Goat meat curry (Jamaican). Yop!! everything was prepared by me.



Gaining trust


Hey, achievers. Hope y’all enjoyed the last post and doing well? Well, I’m good. I’m so grateful to all my viewers.

Often at times, we’ve done things knowingly or unknowingly to people that made them lose trust in us and even sometimes we just want to gain the trust of new people. I myself have been in that situation. I’ve let people down and it backfired so bad that I had to work on regaining the lost trust. Well, today I have tips that could help us in our bid to gain trust.

Tips on how to gain trust

  1. Don’t ever lie to and in front of who you want to gain their trust.
  2. Don’t try to win an argument with the person and even if you win, win with a very tangible proof.
  3. Try to make amends and apologize to the person when you are wrong.
  4. Try as much as you can to be straight in dealings and be blunt with the person but in a polite and constructive way.
  5. Confirm any rumor you hear about the person with the person and no one else and never gossip with or about the person.
  6. Make sure you consult them before doing anything in their name.
  7. Try asking the person for something as small as a cup of water or tissue paper…this works mostly when you both meet for the first time. p.s *got this seventh tip from a movie series called Mentalist*
  8. Take whatever responsibility they give you very seriously and try not to disappoint them again.

God bless

Stop being too comfortable.​

Hey people, hope y’all good? well, I’m good. Today, I decided to talk about this topic because I have quite a lot of experiences pertaining to the topic.
Being comfortable is something everyone enjoys but we can agree that some places hurt to be comfortable in but often at times we assume we do not have a choice. Now guess what viewers, we all do, even if it’s as small as a fragment of an atom. Sometimes we find ourselves in places of financial, academic, career…stagnancy. We feel we are in our situation because of not having something necessary for growth. To be frank, every element or situation can stimulate growth depending on how we view things. Our failures can be an element of growth if we learn from them and change the ways of doing things. Your attitude can bring growth if you are positive minded, hardworking and well-behaved. You don’t need a very large sum of money to get you there, you just need the right attitude, be meticulous with opportunities and have a good prayer life.
First, you have to accept and own what you are facing but be determined not to remain there forever. While doing this, mind your business, stop comparing yourself to people, focus on making yourself better and employ time management. Most times these things aren’t easy to do or don’t happen easy but set your mind on a goal and to help you, read about great people who found the path to success rough as well. Look, say, listen, breathe, embrace, only positivity for yourself and it shall be well with you. Remember, Obama resigned at 55 and Trump became president at 70…not all paths are carved the same.
God bless.

First blog post

Hey guys! I’m Loretta Ukeji from Nigeria. I am currently a student of Pharmacy in the UK and an entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger. This blog post is basically a ‘get to know me’ post. I am finally venturing into blogging after giving so many thoughts to it. To be honest, I never knew I would ever get to blog one day. It was only recently that I discovered that people blog for different reasons and not just following the trend( that was my initial thought) this was after I wanted to blog for a different reason *I know right*(selfish of me).
I just want to put it out there that you should do whatever you want to do no matter who had done it and how many times it’s been done. There is always a different version of anything. Do not think that people might presume you are just following the crowd and might term you a copy cat. Only the outcome matters really. Learn to express yourself in any possible way, as far as it is not harmful to you and the society. That being said, I am delighted to finally use this forum to express myself and discuss some controversial topics with my potential viewers. I hope to be of help to you and learn from you as well.
Remain blessed